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Who We Are

Improvement Renovations LTD is a trusted, professional, and knowledgeable general contractor servicing Calgary and surrounding area. We are family owned and operated since 2002, incorporated in 2013 with Wayne as President took over the business from his Dad and Mom. Prior to then we worked for other renovation companies since 1988. Our staff of professionals ensures your project is done right within budget and on time. We answer your questions; work with you during the process communicate with you about any changes etc in order to deliver a flawless product to you. We do all sorts of projects including interior & exterior Renovations in Calgary. We offer a full, knowledgeable explanation in what we will do ourselves and the areas that may require another trade to do from start to completion.

Free Estimates

All of our estimates are free. You are not and never will feel any obligation when we meet to discuss your next project. What we do ask of you our valued customers, is to have as much questions prepared for us so that when we do get to your home or business, we can get right to work and answer as much as we can while we are on site. Don’t be afraid to ask us. Unfortunately we do not give any prices over the phone or before we look at the project. It is only fair to be as accurate as possible.

Our Price

Our quotes are final on the day we agree together meaning, we may have to visit a few times to do measurement, colors matching, designs etc before we have a final price together. The price we agree on is fixed and the work we agree on is as the price. If the scope of work changes, then the price may change as well, based on the scope of changed work.


We offer a minimum 2 years warranty on all workmanship. If there are any defects with materials choose by you our valued customers that may require an exchange, repair or replace, we will work with you on a customer appreciation basis meaning instead of paying the full cost, we will give you a discount.


When you choose us to do your work, we are now committed to not only start and sit for a while until we feel like starting again. We take pride in what we do carefully. We understand that your home is your investment and above all a haven for your family and pets. We understand what mess is. We work in it daily so imagine if we do not like it, how and why would we expect you to like it. We plan and communicate throughout the different stages of what to expect each day. We will be on top of keeping your home or business in a clean and tidy state as best as we can until final clean day.

Fully Licensed, Wcb & Insured

We are fully licensed, wcb and insured with a $5 million policy.


We are very professional at our job. Its not only our bread and butter, its our careers and our livelihood. We enjoy our job here at Improved Renovations. We are not the company that picks up the payment and hope never to see or hear from our clients again. We do follow-ups after the completion to make certain that you are happy & satisfied.

Our experience

Since 1988 on the first project we did, it has been so many changes, upgrades, styles, building codes, materials and tools oh my goodness, now we have tools.. We have the years behind us and counting. We are familiar with many types of homes and buildings, materials used, short cuts trouble shooting etc. We will give you our honest advice on any issue or project you are not certain about.

Materials Used

We will communicate with you on products that we used. If there is any product that you prefer us to use, we will definitely put that in our quotes so we do not get caught with any surprise during our renovation stage.

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